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About Me


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Let’s talk about Frankfurt to start with: The city was good fame from the beginning. It is where I studied music.











Music entered my  life, when I was a high-spirited child. My parents wanted me to play the violin and I obeyed them. However I was much more interested in that grand-piano standing in our house. While I was learning and rehearsing to play the violin, I tought myself to play the piano.








 At university I started studying violin and singing. There I had a fantastic piano-teacher that recognized my love for the instrument. Since then, I've been more busy with the grand piano than the violin.




When it became clear to me how much I loved that big instrument with the 88 keys, I changed what I was studying, sold my pecious old-French violin and bought my own grand piano.

















Finally I decided to become a piano-teacher – because I like working with people and children as well. After a short time also composing became a part of me and took up more of my time. 







But the most important thing for me is: people send me letters writing that my music substantially enriches their lives.






Composing ist only one facet of my soul – another is the improvisation. It's a gift, that I received in 2005. Beforehand I often stood before that door but could not open it. And then it suddenly burst open by itself. Perhaps it was this tremendous experience to which I owe this gift.. Since then the music seems to flow just by itself.




My Animals



I love nature and I’d like people all over the world to protect its variety. Just as I am a part of nature, my animals are as well. I have seven cats, a turtle and a horse. For me they are something like my family.

















I’d want mankind to stop exploiting, maltreating and abusing animals. Animals pay attention to their natural environment and have finely tuned senses for our thoughts and feelings. Furthermore they have their own way of expressing deepest feelings.



















Usually they are more intelligent than we can sense – but they don’t know calculating thoughts. We can learn a lot from our animals, if we’d open up to them. Together with animals our life is clear and good.







Thank you, my friends!







If you want to watch my Svenja-Marie playing the piano, click here.