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I am quite busy teaching, composing, improvising, recording and playing the piano. I like travelling as well and spend lots of time with my animals. 































Consequently, I seldom appear on stage. But now and then I appreciate giving a concert.






There are currently no public concerts planned. 


A look back at past concerts follows below.











Althought once a month I play at the Sankt-Ignatius-Kirche in Frankfurt, (usually on the third weekend during the service on Saturdays and Sundays) mostly on the piano, infrequently on the organ.





I am always impressed by the architecture of the Ignatius-Church. Here the architect Gottfried Böhm created a building similar to a high tent with marvellous glass windows.





Looking back



At the 11th of Oktober 2013 took a reading place on the Nebbienisches Gartenhaus in Frankfurt/Main. I was improvising on the piano and the famous actor Dominik Stein read from the famous novel.

It was the New Year's Day of the year 1900. People all over the world celebrat the dawning century. On an ocean liner a sailor find a device subject child. The sailors call the little boy 'Novecento' and raise him. He hides, when he is to go to school on the mainland; but secretly he practices piano. And he plays better than anyone else. Famous pianists book a voyage on the ocean liner, only to compete with Novecento on the piano. During his whole life he never leaves the ship. This ist the stuff from which Alessandro Baricco wrote his story 'Novecento - the legend of the ocean-pianist'. MM.




In the evening of the second of April the Duo Prisma created an Aprilsch(m)erz at the Denkbar.


A Concert full of astonishment and irony - first appeared two years ago at the Nebbienisches Gartenhaus

The Denkbar is a philosophical café, raising your ideas in the air. And ours as well. At the 2nd of April we ensured that the joy is not neglected. Denkbar, 60318 Frankfurt, Spohrstr. 46.






During the following three readings at the Nebbienisches Gartenhaus in Frankfurt I reflected each poem on the piano - spontaneously and meditatively.



8/12/2012 'Der Sprache das Schweigen beigesellen' - Reading of Thomas Berger, piano improvisations by Claudia Burris.












4/22/2012 Chronos Krumlov: 'Dass am Grund der Moldau die Steine wandern, mag sein ...' - Reading of Harry Oberländer, piano improvisations by Claudia Burris.



5/29/2011 'Auf Papier grünt selbst der Stein ...' - Reading of Andreas Hutt, piano improvisations by Claudia Burris.


4/2/2010 Workshop for voice percussion and improvisation - dance and movement.

Join-in-concert for children.

We tried to set in motion an explosion of rhythm and tone using lips, voice and the body.









Some Children played pieces on musical instruments and they heard group improvisations on various instruments.





Some children even dared to improvise alone in front of the other on the piano.









7/10/2009 'Märchen von Gold und Geld' - Reading of Hannelore Marzi, piano-music by Claudia Burris.














9/6/2008 'Tanz der Mäuse' - concert for children



The little ones danced the Sternenwalzer in the armes of their fathers and all took part in the dance of the mermaids.

In the snake dance they made a coiled snake on the ground that unwound slowly to the sound of music.



For the children it was fascinating to learn how to play 'space music' with the whole-tone scale. Oriental sounds were created by the shift of halftone steps.


It was a joyful event with lots of laughter and movement. Finally, there was still a bowl full of sweet mice to munch on.






9/7/2008 'Traumreise'


A concert of my own compositions - a cross-section of all my music books.


The bright blue late summer day in the beautiful historic garden house under the beautiful big old sycamore caused his hand for mood ...









11/18/2008 'Poèmes des femmes'  - reading of french poetesses - piano-improvisations by Claudia Burris.





11/25/2007 'Dann sagte er nichts mehr ... aber er dachte immerzu an das Wort 'Paradies''.

Oliver Glaap read texts of Wolfgang Borchert - music: Claudia Burris.



Concert-tour Litauen - November 2007



I introduced my compositions to Litauen.




The first stop was in Klaipeda, where I gave a concert.



I'v also played together with the children, who had prepared some compositions of my musicbooks.




The concert brought lots of new contacts. 



In Palanga the musicschool is simultaneously an art-school. Everything was adorned with beautiful pictures. At the concert, many people came. Some children had pieces from Dance of the Mice 'prepared. They played these pieces then four hands. In addition, I placed again songs from my piano albums and everything was well received.


At the end of the concert some pupils of the school of music played something for me. I thought that was very nice.

I was particularly touched that almost all people who came to the concert brought flowers.

In the end they gave me more roses than I could hold in my arms.

This was a really happy feeling.

Thanks to the people of Litauen for the beauty that I experienced in this country!!!