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Sjirgina dancing with the moon





















Is the moon able to influence music?


At first I didn’t want to believe it. But on some days my improvisations on the piano had less power than usual. Another day the energy of my inspirations seemed to be inexhaustible. I had a look out of my window – and there was a full moon!

Coincidentally (?) on the occasion of my first improvisation concert an artist exhibited paintings of the moon. One day later the local newspaper called me a ‘moon-goddess’ – sometimes jounalists have a good nose for emotions, but then they tend to exaggerate


The CDs have been recorded on the grand piano in my own flat. That’s the reason why you will hear the purring of a cat on some pieces. Normally I don’t cut this out. You can take it as an atmospheric aspect of my music. However the most of my recent productions are made in the parks under trees with a direct line to my electrical piano. So no "disturbances"  ;-)












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CD series: Music for Long Nights


long breaths – internal expansion – meditation


Music for long nights is often
perceived as a balm for the soul.

You can leave your thoughts...




The CDs are also

pleasant to listen on 

long car rides ..



5 CDs

11 Euro each

Package of all 5 at once

35 Euro










CD series: Free Sounds

close to "Modern Music"

Freestyled harmonics and rhythms on base of pure sound sensuality

Can liberate the auditor's mind ...


11 Euro each



Single CD  Shiva

Modern, individual, expressive, in the field of modern music - strong music that spans wide arcs



11 Euro







CD series: Fantasies


sophisticated and powerful
alternating with soft and sweet

11 Euro each









CD series: 

Coming out of the Peace of Time

peace making deeply meditative pieces
CD 1-2
each 11 Euro
Double-CD 1+2:  20 Euro






CD series Nature's and Animal’s Life

inspired by nature - perceived vegetatively



20 Euro






Note: The pictures are only for illustration. They are unrelated to the offered CDs.