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Another gift, that I received during my journey was the encounter with Berenike Derbidge. She plays violoncello as a member of the Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie Konstanz.





We met at an improvisation seminar. Berenike suffered from the restrictions given for the improvisations.

I could see that she was full of music and just wanted to play.



















In the break I went to her, asking her, simply to play together. And so we tried out. All participants surrounded us, and it was clear: This was the most exciting and most successful piece of music of the whole day.











After that we met regularly. Again and again we found it surprising how the sounds of our instruments merged into a single unit. 









A n   inspiration inspired us, even though we played without any preset. Since the resulting music was so wonderful, we tried it with a concert. The public was allowed to make suggestions, they supplied keywords, according to which we brought forth then the music. This concept has proven itself up to today.







Every concert is a surprise package for all participants. There have been no disappointments. Even we were always pleasantly surprised. The interaction with the audience results in a highly creative tension, bringing unexpected sound beauties.











Since 2010, we call ourselves Duo Prisma. You can book us for concerts in beautiful surroundings in not too large of a frame. House concerts are also possible.










Just let the music take you and let yourself be enchanted.






zippy – funny

passionate – wild

resonant – mournful

sublime – profound


grief and luck


Fire of Life

















In the evening of the second of April the Duo Prisma created an Aprilsch(m)erz at the Denkbar.


A concert full of astonishment and spirits - first appeared two years ago at the Nebbienisches Gartenhaus.


The Denkbar , 60318 Frankfurt, Spohrstr. 46 , is a philosophical café, raising your ideas in the air. And ours as well. At the 2nd of April we ensure that the humor ist not neglected.












CD Recordings:


The following concert recordings are available at present:





CD Aprilsch(m)erz


Recorded live at a concert at the Nebbienisches Gartenhaus in Frankfurt  4/1/11


15 Euro






CD Herbstzeitlos

Recorded live at a concert in Frankfurt 9/11/2011

15 Euro











Currently in progress: CD Emotions

Recording of a public concert at the Denk-Bar Frankfurt in November 2012

15 Euro







The CD Series KlangTräume (Sound Dreams) was recorded in my home studio. So far there is one album available.

CD KlangTräume (sound dreams)

improvisations cello/piano


15 Euro